Saturday, May 3, 2008

Tengpoche to Dingboche

Saturday, May 3
We woke up in Tengpoche for another good look at Mt. Everest. The very top juts above the ridge line of Lhotse which hides most of Everest from our vantage point right now. As the sun began to rise and clouds set in, which happened early, Everest again disappeared and would remain unseen for most of the day.

A Sherpa crew left for Lukla with all of our tenting gear. We will no longer be staying in tents and instead be staying in tea houses for the remainder of the trip. Our plan for Everest Base Camp is to do a day trip while staying in nearby Gorak Shep. Speaking of Base Camp, talking with several climbers who have been there already they say there is a good bakery set up believe it or not, but I am sure it is very minimal. We shall see.

The landscape during today's trek was the most visibly different. We started in a region with Rhododendrons and soon entered the Kumbu region which is more stark. The hillsides turned more rocky, shallow, and void of trees, with only small shrubs showing the dark green contrast.

A bridge crossing the narrow river gorge of the Imja Khola showed past and present - I was thankful we were crossing "present" as the old bridge looked a little sketchy! This was one of the many improvements in the trail that I have been noticing and been impressed with along the way.

The trek brought us through the village of Pangboche where a school was founded by Edmond Hillary in 1963. Further up the trail we stopped in Shomore for lunch (garlic soup, vegatable romaine noodles, and french fries) and hot tea.

We arrived in Dingboche at the tea house we will be staying at for the next two nights to acclimate some more. We are just above 14,000 feet now which is a higher elevation than most of us have ever been before, but everyone is doing very well. The tea house sits on the hill above much of the village so it is a very nice view including Ama Dablam in front and center. Tomorrow some of us will do a short day trek to help with the acclimatization and to keep the heart pumping.

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Suzanne said...

Uncle Chris - Hope you're having a great time. I have a little joke for you.

What mountain never wakes up?

Mt. Everest. (Ever-rest) Get it?