Saturday, May 3, 2008

Namche to Tengpoche

Friday, May 2
After a good breakfast (omelets today) we headed to Tengpoche. Vistas of Everest greeted us early but soon went out of view as the cloud cover soon set in. The trek to Tengpoche brought us through portions of Rhododendron forests which host beautiful flowers of many colors. I'm told there are up to seven different colors that exist in Rhododendrons. Several areas along the path were lined with them as we trekked through the region.

Ama Dablam's peak to our right continues to create wonder. It juts into the sky like a trapezoidal chisel with glacial ice that somehow stays resting on what appears to be a 80 degree slope. While it is hard to say it is the most unique mountain peak out here (there are so many) it is one of my personal favorites.

We arrived in Tengpoche after a good incline which again got our heart rates moving. Soon after we arrived it started snowing, but it did not last very long. Tengpoche hosts one of the most prominent monasteries in the region. We visited the monastery and one of the monks was very happy to tell us about the culture and religion. We gathered the group together and took our first group picture on the trek - what a nice looking group!

We ate well again for dinner and afterwards were surprised by Sabrina and Adam with the ingredients for Smores. After we stoked up a small fire on the plaza we continued to make and enjoy a great desert. It was very funny to watch the Sherpas try them for the first time. They enjoyed them!

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