Thursday, May 1, 2008

At Namche Bazar

We made it to Namche Bazar, and the mountains around here are amazing. Yesterday was a difficult height, we ascended about 3000 feet, but with all the ups and downs, I think we probably went up a total of 4000 feet. I was dead tired by end of the day... but part of that reason was I couldn't eat much all day, something in my intestines was not very friendly. The scary part is that yesterday won't even be the toughest.

But today we get the day off to acclimate to the altitude, so we're relaxing and we climbed up a little bit to see our first view of the peak of Mount Everest. It's amazing to see it with my own eyes! The winds at that altitude must be crazy, because there was so much snow blowing off of it, really quite a sight.

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