Sunday, May 4, 2008


Sunday, May 4
After two tough days of hiking we are on an off day today. We just completed a short day hike up the river. The views this morning were absolutely amazing. We are surrounded by snow covered peaks.

We are getting much healthier as a group. It seems most of us are over the stomach problems, and we have a couple with colds. As we get higher we are all concentrating on taking good care of ourselves as to not get sick.

We are only two days hiking from Base Camp. We are hearing that it is very busy there and the climbers are getting anxious because of the ban on the mountain until May 10th. We have had such amazing views already and the best is yet to come! Hard to imagine.


This was one of our acclimatization days, so we would remain in Dingboche for an extra night. Most of us went for an hour trek towards Bibre to keep the muscles active and spend time breathing the outside air. This day also allowed an opportunity to wash a few items, although it is takes a long time for them to dry in the cool dry air. Thankfully the tea house burned the stove for a few hours longer at night to aid in drying our clothes hanging over it.

Other ativities that passed the time this day included playing cards, conversation, acting a little silly in sleeping bags, and purchasing Pringles which is a very common product available (along with Snickers) at most tea houses.

It snowed in the evening hours leaving a nice white blanket on the ground, but by the morning most of it will be melted by the sunny skies.

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