Saturday, May 17, 2008

Home Sweet USA

Thursday - Friday, May 15-16
After near 40 hours of traveling most of us are back at home. All of us left Kathmandu together for Delhi (except for DJ who left the day earlier to get back for a family wedding), but several were staying a little while longer (from one day to one week) in India for various reasons. Those heading straight back to the states had a 14 hour lay over in Delhi waiting for our departure back to Newark.

Our trip back to Newark was on a new Boeing 777 complete with individual video screens and 100's of movies to choose from which passed the time nicely (between naps). Back on US soil it was not long before we searched the airport for Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, and even A&W (some were cravin' burgers at 5:00 am!).

And then there were 5. Jeff Ashby departed for Denver, Jason Coyle departed for Minneapolis -leaving 5 out of our group of 17 on the flight to Houston. It was a little sad saying goodbye to folks we wouldn't see in a while, but promising we would stay in touch and making plans for visits.

Arriving home was nice. We were all excited to see our friends, family and pets we had not seen in three weeks. Sleeping in our own beds after weeks of sleeping bags was a comfort. It is benefit to arrive home on the weekend and give our bodies a few days to recover from the long travel in order to be refreshed for the coming work week as well.


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