Sunday, April 27, 2008


Sunday-Monday, April 27-28
I've had the Bob Seger song in my head ever since we left for India, and it just intensified once we arrived in Delhi.

"That's why I'm going to Katmandu. Up to the mountain's where I'm going to. .... If I ever get out of here, I'm going to Katmandu."

Well, we are here! We arrived around noon yesterday and were greeted by Sabrina's parents, our trekking guides, and the hotel representative at the airport with flower leis. A short bus trip through part of the city brought us to the Hotel Manaslu, a very nice and unique hotel with many charming Nepal qualities. Adam and Sabrina have been here for a few days now making wedding preparations (they get married today) so we hung out in the back couryard drinking Chai and getting caught up with their recent activities.

After lunch at the Hotel we wandered out into the streets of Kathmandu and walked a few miles to a local Bazaar. It was unique in that this was not a Bazaar used to attract tourists, but a local trading spot for daily goods. The people here are very welcoming to tourists and it is fun to engage in conversations. The little school boys and girls are very excited to practice their English with us, and I am surprised with their knowledge of the States including past Presidents and State capitals.

For dinner the group went to a nearby restaurant for outstanding Indian cuisine. It was fantastic.

You could tell that many of us were getting pretty tired and were still recovering from the long trip in the past few days, so it wasn't long before it was lights out to recover some more.

Which brings me to this morning. The big event today will be participating in Adam and Sabrina's wedding. We are all looking forward to it.



kathleen said...

Congratulations to Adam and Sabrina. I'm Kathie Johnson, Chris' mom. We will be following your travels as you are able to post them. We wish all of you good luck from North Dakota.

Orion CMO said...

IRMA 6000 (5 x 5) Given the severe lack of oxygen at 17,500ft when traveling from a elevation of zero ft.; there is a possibility that CJ will require the assistance of a domesticated guided yak lending to permanent emotional attachment, impacting his financial well being as well as weight requirements for his return trip back to Houston, where he is severely missed and needed in the CMO.

Hey CJ, Glad to hear you made it safely. Your friends in the office are taking up your slack (hey slack rhymes with Yak) so don’t you worry too much about us. Charts are due for IRMA 6000 on May 16 so plan on joining us here at work. By the way, we want pictures so post some to the Wiki site when you can…include the incriminating ones! Hey if you can post blogs that means you have internet access…check your email, we will need full participation at all of the mtgs that you were assigned as well as all actions will be due tomorrow. Have fun.

Tell your mom we said hello all the way from Houston, Texas to North Dakota!!!! Have fun, be safe and get back to work ASAP.

Your stressed out, overworked, friends from the CMO!

PS…we want Yak pics…what is her name going to be???

kathleen said...

Hey Chris, you be careful about those yak's! We don't let just any old yak into this family! You know, Honey, your dad and I should meet it first before you get too emotionally attached. Got pictures? Also, sweetie, don't you let those Houston people make you work too hard while you're climbing that big, big mountain. We wouldn't want you to hurt yourself now, would we? Lovingly, your dear old Mom

The Merritt's said...

CJ - Please pass on our congrats from B13, Room 106!